Forxiga (Dapagliflozin) another useless type two diabetes medication !

Checking in at the forum of fun today, I learned of a drug I had not heard about before called Forxiga. Checking out the reduction in HbA1c using Forxiga plus metformin versus metformin plus a placebo. The manufactures state.

"FORXIGA® demonstrated significant reductions in HbA1c compared with placebo at the 24-week primary endpoint"

So, what did this wonder drug achieve over a placebo ? 1 % maybe 2% reduction in HbA1c ? the staggering reduction was 0.54 as can be seen here. They boast the hypo risks were the same as with the placebo, well as the drug was hardly more effective than the placebo that comes as no surprise.  But wait it gets better, check out the side effects here.

Yet again we hear about a drug that achieves next to nothing and only works when used with metformin. Which is pretty much the same as me saying to you, do you want to buy my expensive head ache pills, but they only work when taken with aspirin. Not only that but the reduction in pain will hardly be noticeable. 

I expect this drug will make a lot of money, but the impact on blood glucose levels will be minimal and for the average diabetic, will be completely negated by less than half a donut a day. Welcome to the crazy world of diabetes.


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