DCUK quote of the year from Phoenix !

"Perhaps I should just stick to the 1.5 section...... but what about discussions, other medications, diet?"

The best idea the woman ever had in my opinion. This is a woman that thinks Hope Warshaw and a diet of 50% carbs per day should be the way to go for type two diabetics. The Phoenix aka the slippery one has spent years rubbishing low carb while she sits back with all the tools, Insulin, a pump, test strips, top medical advice  etc. All the time undermining people who in many cases can't even get their hands on some test strips.

Elsewhere she is known as OnePointFive, well known US blogger the Wooo has certainly got Phoenix sussed.

As your moniker states, you are a 1.5 diabetic. YOU are nothing like a type 2 diabetic and cannot relate to their concerns. You are much more in common with a type 1 metabolically healthy subject. Just as you don't seem to understand why type 2s need to restrict carbs and can't just inject insulin like you or a type 1 or a MODY diabetic, you are also not likely to succumb to the complications because exogenous insulin will manage your condition entirely, assuming you are compliant with blood sugar checks and insulin coverate and monitoring/observing how your blood glucose responds to variables. 

This is not the case for a type 2 diabetic who is intrinsically DISEASED in the liver, and in the very core of their cells. Whereas your c-peptide is barely detectable, theirs will be extremely HIGH. They are rarely insulin deficient, and often hyperinsulinemic in the early phases. The problem with type 2 diabetes is that the cells are like that of a corpse - they are half dead - they simply fail to generate energy normally. No matter what this person does, they will succumb to illnesses UNLESS THEY STOP TRYING TO USE GLUCOSE FOR ENERGY. THe best therapy for the type 2 is getting off glucose ASAP, using non-insulin dependent sources of nutrition like fats, and maximizing glucose tolerance as much as possible via micronutrients, weight training/moderate exercise, good sleep patterns and so on.

Here's a little chart to illustrate the differences in insulin secretion and resistance between 1, 1.5, and 2. As you can see, 1.5 is pretty much type 1 that occurs in old age, with some insulin resistance but not significant.


The fact you laugh at type 2 diabetics on low carb diets, would be like someone with situational laughing at a manic depressive for taking lithium. Situational depression may resolve without life long medication, but bipolar disorder will NOT. Sure, both of these people have a condition considered by doctors to be described as "depression" but the etiology and treatment of the condition is radically different. The various categories of diabetes are just like this. You have no idea what type 2 diabetics experience and what treatment they benefit from, because the news flash is for you: it isn't the same as type 1, type 1.5, or mody diabetes.


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