Defren the drama queen returns !

After going awol for around three months  Defren the drama queen returns to the ETYM forum. I have some empathy for Defren as she seems to suffer from every known medical condition with the exception of Saint Vitus dance and yellow jack fever. Not back more than five minutes and severe migraine and IBS are the current complaints. Today she stated,

"I have to say, bread has been a large part of my diet recently, I also have IBS which I didn't have on low carb. It seems I have my answer. No bread = no migraines (for me)."

OK I know what you are thinking, what a heartless SOB you are man. Maybe, but think on this. This is a person that not only owns the forum, but is also a senior moderator. The forum has been a cakes and commiserations outfit for a long time, the last thing some of the few remaining members need is an excuse to fail. 

Whatever your problems or troubles, poisoning yourself with foods that you know bring about poor health and diabetic complications, won't do you any favours. Defren should know this, and if not, she should not be moderating a diabetes forum. If you do fall off the wagon keep it to yourself, don't encourage others to fail.


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