The engineer who fixed his own heart and others too !

As an engineer, Tal Golesworthy is no stranger to taking things apart, figuring out what the trouble is and putting them back together with the problem solved.
But for more than 30 years, he lived with a life-threatening issue that was less easy to fix.
That is, until he took an idea from the garden, combined it with some basic procedures borrowed from the aeronautical industry and came up with a "beautifully simple" solution to treat his own heart condition.
He then managed to convince surgeons to put it into him.
And nine years since his operation, the 57 year old engineer from Gloucestershire in the UK, has managed to help over 40 people with similar conditions.
Andrew Ellis, a keen footballer, has benefited from Mr Golesworthy's inventiveness.
At just 27 years old, Mr Ellis said it was daunting to put himself through an experimental medical procedure experienced by so few, but he was glad he did.
Five years after his surgery, he remains fit and healthy and "feels like someone without a heart condition".
More on this very interesting story here.
BTW Doctors Bernstein, Wortman and other great Doctors were first engineers. That also goes for a couple of old codgers that work on this blog.

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