Statins the lunacy exposed !

When I was diagnosed a type two diabetic, over five years ago, I bought four books to gain knowledge on the control of my newly acquired chronic disease. One of the books was Dr.Malcolm Kendrick's The Great Cholesterol Con. As with most diabetics my healthcare team recommended statins very heavily. A year later two stents and angioplasty for atherosclerosis and my cardiologist gave me the impression without statins, I was a dead man walking. I resisted statins, Malcolm's book and other information had convinced me statins would make little if any difference to my length of life. I figured with little if any benefits and a whole raft of possible complications and side effects, my decision to refuse statins was logical.

Well, I hope Malcolm has been walking around with a smile from eat to ear over the last few days, because I certainly have. What a complete and utter fiasco has been revealed to us over the last week or so. The latest information from The American College of Cardiology and The American Heart Association demonstrates their complete confusion and ineptitude regarding cholesterol. Remember, we are not talking about a bloke in a shed blogging his 'feory' we are talking about world leaders in the field, or are they?

The tragedy in all this is millions of people will carry on taking these useless drugs, so many will be crippled and maimed and if they are diabetics and ask why has this happened to me? will be told. That is diabetes I'm afraid, don't you know, it's always progressive. Many others will not be around to ask any questions and statins may well have helped them on their way to an early and painful death.

The link sent in by Indy shows the whole fiasco and as Dr. Kendrick said on his blog today "They have now, officially, all gone mad"

Indy link here.


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