Fat is good for your skin.

"Dietary fat gets such a bad rap among many health authorities, so it's great to see research demonstrating its benefits, including healthy skin. Despite what many people have been led to believe,  consuming fat --including saturated fat -- can reduce the signs of aging. Researchers in Japan examining the effect of diet on skin in over 1000 women found that those who consumed the highest amount of fat scored best in terms of wrinkling and skin elasticity, provided they also obtained antioxidants in the form of nonstarchy vegetables. 

Now, I know there are people who follow a low-fat diet and have great skin. I ate a low-fat diet for many years, and people still thought I looked younger than my age (or at least that's what they told me!)  But since I started low-carbing and significantly increased the amount of fat and saturated fat in my diet, I've definitely noticed that the quality of my skin has improved. My pores appears smaller, my skin is very smooth, and I never break out, which was a problem I periodically struggled with in the past.  I truly feel that my skin looks better than it has in years. Maybe it's a combination of high fat intake and improved blood glucose control from following a VLCKD?"

Franziska Spritzler, RD, CDE

Check out Franziska's latest post where she talks about ageing and the benefits of a low carb high fat diet. Franziska is 47 years of age and having met her recently, I can assure you this photograph has not been enhanced in any way. She is a person who can talk the talk and certainly walk the walk and without make up looks around 30 years of age. Jan my wife and one of the lowcarb team is 60 years of age and her skin is that of someone years younger.

Check out Franziska's blog and latest post here.


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