Cameras up our butts ! Google installs cameras in public toilets !

Checking around over the last few weeks it appears we in the UK are the most photographed people on the planet. Everywhere we go someone or some outfit has us on a video link. Yesterday while watching the worlds most boring sport, Formula  One, I had a trawl around. I Googled up live video cameras, from Heathrow Airport to the car ferry at Lake Windermere. The brains will tell us this will save us from rabid terrorists trying to turn us into fish-paste. Now I read today Tesco are going to install more surveillance at all of their garage forecourts. Around three years ago I gave Tesco the big elbow. For me they have become greed personified, they want it all !

The big brother promoters tell us 'If you have nothing to hide you have nothing fear' clever, but it does not wash with me. I have far more chance of being rubbed out in a car crash than some rabid head-case taking me out with an act of terrorism. This is how the game is played, I call it the politics of fear. Take it from me my friends, this is all bollocks !


Link to Tesco's latest stroke here.

Google installs cameras in public toilets link here.

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