Dr.John Briffa AKA The Shredderator Kicks Butt Again !

One of our long term hero’s is Dr. John Briffa. If he is not exposing the ludicrous dietary information from DUK for diabetics, he is shredding the propaganda from the likes of Unilever and their latest Black Op’s outfit The Fat Information Service. This week John is shredding the lies and misinformation regarding the so called healthy stanols or sterols. John concludes with.

“In summary, there is no evidence that stanols and sterols benefit human health, and quite a few lines of evidence that suggest these substances have potential for harm. Yes, this is the stuff that is marketed on the basis of their assumed value for heart health.

The use of stanols and sterols is supported by the British Heart Foundation (as I write about in the blog post I link to above). I have written to this organisation regarding the evidence, and am interested to see what comes back.”

The British Heart Foundation  is a shill for Flora margarine these days, It will be interesting to see how they extricate themselves from the wrath of the Shredderator.


Link to Johns post here.

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