Think all vegans are virtuous types?

It's as if  Samuel L Jackson went on a health kick and started a Tumblr. Thug Kitchen is a food blog with a penchant for profanity (motto: "Eat like you give a f**k") and healthful vegan dishes. And since the blog started last September, vegans and non-vegans alike seem to be eating it up. In April, Gwyneth Paltrow name-dropped the blog on an episode of The Rachael Ray Show on American TV.

Thug Kitchen may be the latest iteration of the vegan-food blog that's militant, but not in a "meat is murder" way. It's in your face – they take broccoli more seriously than your mum probably ever did – but it's also just plain funny. Other vegan-food blogs, such as Post Punk Kitchen and Vegan Black Metal Chef, have used some combination of humour, charm and counter-culture and fared similarly in attracting a wider (read: not necessarily vegan) audience. But part of Thug Kitchen's street cred can no doubt be attributed to veganism's growing popularity as high-end restaurants cater to vegetarian palates, and prominent devotees, such as the former US president Bill Clinton, espouse the health benefits of a diet devoid of animal products.

If you're late to the party, Thug Kitchen is here – as they say in the blog's FAQ – "to drop some knowledge on your ass". The recipes may come with a side of shtick, but the bloggers say the message is simple.
"Yeah, the food we cook is vegan, but we really just want people to eat some more f**king vegetables," the bloggers say. "It isn't more complicated than that."

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