Another day another dollar and more good news.

"So bit late in posting but last week I had my appointment with the diabetic nurse. A while ago she gave me 3 months to try managing this by diet alone. The result? I'm 3 and a half stone lighter, my blood levels are NORMAL - and I've been told I don't need any meds! I'm thrilled to bits! The nurse actually said she wished she could get me in front of the rest of her patients as inspiration! Certainly made me feel good!

So to those who are wanting to try managing this by diet alone - go for it! What have you got to lose? You can totally do it - and even if you still need a little help with medication, chances are it will be less, you'll look great and feel amazing and all the additional risk factors will be reduced... it's all positives! It doesn't have to feel restrictive - my diet is delicious, healthy, and I feel so much better on it - I enjoy it!

Go for it!"

Posted today and taken from here.


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