Cameron's UK Hungrier than ever: Britain’s use of food banks triples !

"The number of people resorting to food banks for emergency help to feed their families has more than tripled following the squeeze on benefits which intensified in April.

David Cameron’s own poverty tsar warned last night of the danger of food banks becoming an “institutional part” of the welfare state – and urged the Prime Minister to set up an inquiry into the issue. Frank Field, a welfare minister under Labour, told The Independent he was shocked by the steep increase in their use and added: “Something very serious is happening to people at the bottom of society.”

The Trussell Trust, the country’s biggest food bank operator, said it distributed food to 355,985 people, including nearly 120,000 children, between April and September compared with 113,264 during the same period in 2012. It handed out food to more people during those six months than in the whole of 2012, the trust said.

It released the figures days after the Red Cross announced it planned to distribute food aid to the needy in Britain this winter for the first time since the Second World War."

While the rich get richer the poor and disadvantaged are getting ever poorer. Remember, we are a G8 country, in the top eight richest countries in the world. While government stooges and chumps go on about child obesity, more and more children are relying on food charity hand outs. And that food is likely to be tinned and packaged, much of it high carb factory produced junk. Fresh vegetables and fruits minimal. 


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