Higher cholesterol levels associated with improved outcomes in stroke !

I recently came across a new study that assessed the relationship between cholesterol levels and stroke. In it, researchers assessed the relationship between cholesterol levels in those who had suffered an ischaemic stroke and their survival over time. Individuals were classified as either having ‘high’ cholesterol (> 4.6 mmol/L/178 mg/dl) or ‘low’ cholesterol (levels lower than this), and survival was assessed 3 months, 1 year and 5 years later [4].
For those with low cholesterol, overall survival at these respective time points were 92, 87, 57 per cent. Survival for those with high cholesterol was significantly better, though: 100, 98, 84 per cent respectively. Overall, lower levels of cholesterol were associated with an increase in risk of death of about 90 per cent.
From Dr.Briffa's blog full article here.


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