Anti’s are very quiet this week, so far.

After a flurry of activity at last week the antis appear to be having some R and R. Noblehead was posting around the clock as was Phoenix. The jungle drums tell me even arch anti lowcarber, and hater of all things type two Jopar was brought out of cryogenic suspension. I thought a lowcarb anti blitzkrieg was coming up, and the big bazooka Bonkers was about to be unleashed, but no, a pretty tame effort by the antis. How the antis miss Kenny boy eh. Anyone seen or heard of him lately ? And what about Carbo ? Has he lost the password for his blog, or maybe the toast finely got the better of him, who knows, the world of the betus is a strange place at times.

One thing is for sure, hardly a day goes by without us hearing good news about a low carb lifestyle. As a country Sweden is leading the way, but on so many forums and blogs the low carb good news never stops being reported. Being an anti lowcarber at is becoming a very tough job these days, but for the help from a few bent mods, and a policy from high above, of keeping lowcarbers in their place, the antis would be out for the count.


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