Fat pledge by top food makers 'a drop in the ocean' BS Brigade out in force !

"A pledge by food manufacturers to cut saturated fat levels is a "drop in the ocean" in the fight against obesity, a top public health expert says.
The commitment is part of the voluntary "responsibility deal" between industry and government.
But Prof John Ashton, president of the Faculty of Public Health, said the approach "lacked credibility".
Among those who will change recipes are Morrisons, Subway and Nestle - who are to alter the make-up of KitKats. (and add even more sugar) 
The average man should eat no more than 30g of saturated fat a day, while the average woman should eat no more than 20g.
Most people eat about 20% more than the recommended levels - and a survey of 2,000 people for Sainsbury's found 84% of those questioned did not know how much saturated fat was a healthy amount.
Public health minister Jane Ellison said it was "hugely encouraging" that so many companies had committed to this new pledge.
And Prof Susan Jebb, chairwoman of the Responsibility Deal Food Network, said: "These commitments to help reduce saturated fat are an important step forward."

Writing in the British Medical Journal, Dr Aseem Malhotra said there was too much focus on the fat with other factors such as sugar often overlooked.

However Victoria Taylor, senior dietitian at the British Heart Foundation,(on the Flora margarine payroll) said: "Cutting back on saturated fat is one way to keep your cholesterol on track.
"It's really important to keep an eye on our cholesterol levels, as we know that high cholesterol raises the risk of coronary heart disease.
"By reducing the amount of saturated fat in everyday foods, these manufacturers and retailers are helping us to lower our intake. "
As you can see the bull shit brigade are out in force. All over the world this week people have been speaking loudly and have clearly had enough of the dietary lunacy. People know it's sugars and starches and factory made junk that is wrecking millions of peoples health. The gig is up for the junk food mobs and what happens ? They start kicking saturated fat to death.
We must keep the momentum going, post on every site that people read, post anywhere you can, spread the word WE KNOW THAT WE HAVE BEEN FED LIES along with junk food, fight as hard as you can for the truth. Don't forget the bull shit brigade are going to throw £/$ billions at people like us to keep the greatest lies in the history of the human race going.


 Who are THE Responsibility Deal Food Network.

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