Hanna Juchniewicz - MSc Human Nutrition BSc Sports Biomedicine. Another idiot dietitian at DCUK !

Much to my amazement I find myself agreeing with Phoenix and Sid Bonkers at the DCUK forum.  A new member and dietitian Hanna Juchniewicz - MSc Human Nutrition BSc Sports Biomedicine, is handing out some very dodgy advice. 

Today she said to a member "I would recommend the Newcastle diet, as it improves insulin sensitivity and it is very good for people with diabetes."

The member is a long term type one diabetic as Phoenix stated "the original poster says she has had Type 1 diabetes for 40 years , the Newcastle diet is aimed at people who have T2 , Dr Taylor specifically says that it is not for T1s."

And from Bonkers.

"Short fixes generally dont work and often just set you on the yoyo dieting path which is the worst thing you can do."

Why are so many dietitians clueless in the safe and effect diet for diabetics ?


Link to the lunacy here.

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