Just Say “No” to Statins and Yes To Reducing Sugar Intake Part 1

More on Women and Statins.

In my practice, I evaluate a large number of patients and assist with managing cholesterol levels. Even though I was a heart surgeon for many years, I don’t prescribe statins as I believe heart disease, cancer and diabetes are caused by inflammation – not cholesterol.

Two Cases In Point

The first patient in her late 50’s received a demand from her primary care physician to take Crestor for her elevated cholesterol less she suffer a heart attack or stroke without Crestor. Another patient asked about her 86 year old mother who is taking statins because her doctor demanded it. Her mother can barely walk because her joints and muscles hurt terribly.

She is seeing a Rheumatologist, Neurologist, Orthopedic surgeon and a Pain Management specialist to manage this pain. What she needs to do is stop Lipitor that is causing the pain and stealing her memory. Once again, her doctor warned her if she stops it, she will have a heart attack or more frightening to her: a stroke.

This is cruel and an out-right lie. In fact, the higher her cholesterol is, the longer she will live….

Dr Abramson, Harvard Professor wrote in the Lancet that there is no indication for any women to take a statin. None. In a French study, women between 60 and 75 had a 5 times higher mortality in five years when their cholesterol level was 160 or below, versus a women with a cholesterol level of 260.

In other words, the higher your cholesterol, the longer you survive! This study was recently confirmed in a 2010 Scandinavian Journal article.

Robert G Carlson MD  FACS

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