Katie Hopkins Slapper becomes health advisor !

Katie Hopkins tells This Morning: Parents are to blame for producing fat children!


Some may remember the Apprentice series when the self opinionated slapper, Katie Hopkins came to our attention. Some may remember how she boasted about breaking up a friends marriage, and was caught having sex in a field* in broad day light. Yes she is one class act, now she is giving it large about childhood obesity. I reckon she would be more suited as a pole dancer at Tony Sopranos Badda Bing club than as a healthcare guru, but what do I know. Check this out.



In another controversial interview on This Morning, Katie Hopkins has claimed parents are to blame for producing obese children.

Hopkins said parents needed to “get a grip” and tell their children they were fat. 

She said: “Behind every fat child is a fat mother who should take full responsibility,” adding that children should “get less in their face and more on their feet”.

“It’s absolutely the parent’s fault that those children are fat. They need to look in the mirror, look at themselves, and realise it’s their fault,” she said.

“For me, every fat child lives in the shadow of a fat parent. And I think parents that say we have to protect their feelings, we have to look after them, we have to soften the blow [are wrong]. 

“It’s really important that parents get a grip, tell their children they’re fat, get together and sit down and do something about it.”

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* Wiki 

"After her involvement in The Apprentice, Hopkins took up a job at the Met Office in Exeter. Here, she met Mark Cross, a married design manager, and soon photographs of them emerged depicting them apparently engaged in sexual intercourse in a field. This was widely reported in the tabloid press." 

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