DCUK Member makes medical history !

Over at the forum of fun we believe a medical phenomena has taken place. Today the member Rockape671 stated “my cholesterol went from 9.3 to 3.3 when I went from a very low carb diet to a 'medium' carb diet.”

Another member asked “any idea what the HDL/LDL is, and your triglycerides?”

Followed by Rockape671 stating “HDL went from 1.5 to 1.32 LDL 'no result' then 1.7 Triglycerides 1.3 to 0.6”

This data has got the worlds leading scientists and physicians in a tail spin. Never before has a man dropped 6 full points in total cholesterol by diet alone, let alone increasing his carb intake.

Professor N J Knobheadski head of research at the Broadmore institute of research was left agog when he heard the news. “ We never got a six point reduction in total cholesterol even when we fed four pounds of statins a day to participants in our Go For It Trial, the best we managed was five full points and most of the participants croaked.”

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So there you have it folks. As I often say, welcome to the crazy world of diabetes. And it don’t get any crazier than at DCUK.


Link to the amazing information here.

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