I like the sound of this guy/gals's gib !

"Low carb without a good amount of fat (lard, butter, coconut oil, dripping, olive oil) is dangerous! Our brains and hearts need this type of fat and NOT the heavily omega 6 laden polyunsaturated type! Mountains of evidence for this and I'm happy to provide some of it if it becomes an issue here."


"I'd strongly advise AGAINST taking statins. Firstly our bodies produce 85-90% of our cholesterol. Secondly, the idea that cholestorol is a cause of heart disease is fallacy. We need it to live and once you hit age 47 the higher the level of it you have the better you likelihood of enjoying a longer life. Thirdly, statins have been implicated in premature deaths of people via cardiovascular events and cancers, but it's a $US 29 Billion dollar a year industry that doesn't want to go away. 

There is a documentary called 'Statin Nation', you should google it and watch it! Also, here is just one link to a true story about how someone was affected by taking statins:http://dietheartnews.com/2012/11/should ... tin-drugs/ "
bohemian a new member at the DCUK forum.

Sounds like this guy/gal turned up loaded for bear I reckon. New star on the forum? time will tell.


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