The wonder of lowcarb !

More thievery by me, from a post at the forum. Eddie

"With tears in my eyes I write this, I got my hba1c done yesterday alone with the lipid profile for cholesterol etc, I havent yet seen the results in black and white but my wife rang me, she has a print out from the doc with my results, well I have worked very hard at this since february and feel like i have saved my life (assuming i dont die whilst writing this post) my new numbers are

Hba1c 36 :shock:
Triglicerides 0.7 :shock:
hdl ratio 2.8 :shock:

in feb my hba1c was 106
triglicerides 2.9 (i think)
hdl 6.3

my bp was 250/150
now its 106/65 (avg)

im fitter beyond words

im so happy i could fly

I had already lost 2 stone mysteriously before dx and since then lost another 4 stone and now maintained it for months

I have been low carbing, completely ignoring calories and eating lots and lots of FAT, I have pretty much ignored every word the doctors and nurses have told me and learned everything I know from the good people on the site and random internet searching"

Full post here.

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