Dietitians not all are Mercenaries, Assassins and Criminals.

Over at Dr. Malcolm Kendrick’s blog he recently described Dietitians as idiots. I posted to state that was letting them off lightly.

I said.

Dismissing these people as idiots is letting many off lightly, they are in fact mercenaries and assassins, they kill people for money. Many are highly educated and know exactly what a high carb diet does for most diabetics control of blood glucose. They know more carbs leads to more medication, which for many leads to a more unpredictable control of blood glucose. The NHS published audits prove around 93% of type one diabetics never get to a safe HbA1c. The situation is also grim for many type two diabetics. Current methods of controlling diabetes with a high carb low fat diet has failed totally. The bottom line is this. These people do not know what they are doing, and that makes them not fit for purpose, or they do know what they are doing, and are criminals.

No one as yet has rebuked me for my hard words, indeed the opposite has happened. A reader posted this comment.

“Sorry, Doc, but here is some old data that shows the need to call them criminals instead of idiots. About 10 years ago, the New York Times did a very large three part article on diabetes. Generally, it was very good but rather depressing. But the part that centered on Bellevue Hospital was infuriating. Bellevue had three floors that were dedicated to treating complications of diabetes, such as, amputations, eye surgery, dialysis, heart surgery and a cancer ward. A group of employees, who had a brain and a heart, saw that these floors were full of patients, in part, because most diabetics did not have a good knowledge of how to manage their blood sugar. So, they opened a diabetic education center in the basement. It lasted about five or so years. It was closed because the profit per square foot from the education center was too low. They were making way more money amputating feet and cutting open chests.”


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