Noblehead confirmation received he is a liar !

By Noblehead September 4th, 2009, 12:05 pm

"I have seen dieticians, read books, spoke to my diabetic care team, and none have offered any constructive advice on controlling weight. Reading this forum has been helpful, and reading other peoples experiences in controlling their diabetes and improving Hba1c's, has been inspirational !

I can't recollect at any time been given advice on reducing carbs to control weight. I have always been told to eat plenty of carbs at every meal, together with the usual meat and veg. Once I was told that a bowl of cereal for breakfast was insufficient, and should include 2 slices of toast also. Looking back I can now see how flawed this advice/information has been.

Cutting back on the carbs, reducing portion size and eating sensible foods, combined with plenty of exercise has changed my approach to diabetes. I am now eating approximately half the amount of carbs I ate only 3 months back, and at last my weight is starting to drop. Before I started to cut back I was 14st 12lb, and being only 5ft 9'' was well overweight, and my BMI was 31. "

 By Noblehead October 17th, 2013, 6:17 pm

"I lost weight with the help of a Dietician from my hospital diabetes clinic, cutting back on the calories and exercising more worked for me." 

This was the answer he gave to a member who asked.

"I am a type 1 Diabetic on a pump and I struggle with weight control and I thought it is a good place to ask for recipes that people recommend that are healthy, tasty and easy to calculate with regards to insulin. I want to lose a few pounds and diet needs to be sorted, please can you let me know any useful websites, personal experiences or anything at all that you can recommend."

Well folks after posting on Wednesday and asking the question, is Noblehead the biggest liar on the forum ? I did not consider the possibility he would confirm the fact, in a little over 24 hours. Maybe I should cut him some slack. Could it be years of carbohydrate addiction and highly elevated plasma insulin levels have addled his brain ? One thing's for sure, his grip on reality is highly tenuous. The $64000 question, why did Noblehead lie to the member, why did he not tell the member the real reason he lost weight, why does he not want others improving their control ?

Welcome to the crazy world of diabetes. 


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