Malcolm Rifkind Says Security Services Have To Read Emails To Foil Terror Plots.

Fear is the oldest tool in the world for controlling the masses. The Romans knew only too well. Crucify a few locals and the rest of the populace soon falls into line. The Japanese knew during world war two. I worked with a Burmese guy years ago and he told me how Japanese jeeps would roll into town with severed arms attached to the wing mirrors. The locals got the message, swiftly ! For a large part of my life it was The Cold War. We were told the Russians were coming and we could be nuked at any moment. Anyone remember the adverts, telling us to get under a kitchen table or under the stairs, in the event of getting the warning a nuke was coming your way. A complete farce, and mostly bull shit. But boy did all that fear make a lot of money for a lot of people.

Well, our present bunch of incompetents in Government can’t result to crucifixion, arm amputation or the Russians are coming to get you, to quell the plebs, it’s the day of the terrorist and we need to be spied on 24/7 for our protection. This is a complete crock of crap, and I will tell you why. Many terrorists are prepared to die for their cause, you kill one and another will take his place. These people are fearless and consider it an honour and a privilege to die for the cause, you can’t stop people like that. You can kill some of them, you can catch and imprison some of them, but others will get through the security net, as we see on a daily basis. What do you think the odds are for a UK or US resident being killed by a terrorist ? Very slim I reckon. Let’s face it you have infinitely more chance of being killed in a car crash, or even by the average dietitian, right ! So, this is all about controlling the average Joe, it’s all about keeping people in fear.

So, what’s the answer. In my lifetime the biggest threat to the UK from terrorists was from the IRA. At the time the Government realised they had to sit down and talk to these people. It may be very unpalatable for some, with very good reason, to see ex IRA men in high office now, but it brought peace to the people, the fear of the IRA has gone, and thousands of lives have been saved. Until people start talking and working with terrorists the carnage will go on. The big question is, do politicians and people earning a fortune from all this misery, want it to stop.


Link to Rifkind talk here.

BTW I loved this comment made on the comments section to the article

Rifkind, if a politician told me that there were seven days in a week ,I would ask for a second opinion.

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