Storms may be on the way - So let a crustless quiche save the day !

Well with Kath, Graham, Doug and Eddie making their contributions for poems and odes, I thought the least I could do was to rhyme my title.

Here in the UK our clocks went back over the weekend, so that means the mornings are lighter but the evenings get darker that bit earlier now.

The weekend bought mixed weather and certainly most people you talk to are talking about ‘the storms that are on the way’. We’ll see  …….. watch this space!

Storms or not, for all of you that were able to get out and about over the weekend, I hope you had an enjoyable one. Some of our family members, including the grandchildren went to a fireworks display and had a great time. The smiles on their faces were lovely to see. Others just made the most of the weather, dressed up suitably and went for a walk. Some were decorating. One thing is for sure, weekends and time  with family are precious, so however you spent yours I do hope you had a good one.

Our Sunday started very well. I found I was watching the Indian Grand Prix! As the saying goes ‘not quite my cup of tea’, but as regular blog readers know as Eddie does have to put up with Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday evenings, I didn’t complain. Sebastian Vettel became world champion for the fourth time and Red Bull won the manufacturers championship.

But the real highlight for me was breakfast. “Low Carb bacon and mushroom crustless quiche” - very delicious.

A great start to the day, whatever day it is, in fact it makes a great lunch time meal too.

Recipe here

All the best Jan

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