DCUK Wiflib blows a gasket big time !

"Out of all the fighting, loving, rudeness, nastiness, trolling and advice I have seen over the years, this really does take the biscuit. Let's all be sycophantic creeps and offer wishy washy threads and advice form now on, just in case someone gets a bit confused. Anyone would think this place is the pinnacle of information and knowledge the diabetes world, full of people who have the answers. Sheesh, nothing like placing oneself on a pedestal.

What we are left with is the oft used phrase 'what works for you' and a myriad of advice on diets and drug administration that means diddly squat, unless the reader bothers to take responsibility for what they re reading. If any diabetic using insulin shot up according to a slight miscalculation on here by another member, then they deserve all they get for being so utterly stupid as to not taking control of their own condition.

This is officially the very first flounce I have ever done and I'm doing it with as much hair flicking as I can but before I go I want to say a big thank you to Fergus, Eddie, Trinkwasser, Hana and all those I have forgotten in my rage at audacity of the OP to silence the people that actually post helpful and useful information. How dare you.

I have for years said that diabetes was the best thing that ever happened to me but it wasn't. It was coming here and wading through a plethora of posters opinions of what worked and what didn't. I shall say it again; I am eight stones lighter, have an HbA1c of 4.6 yes, you read that right, 4.6 on one metformin a day (it gives me little else but free prescriptions) and a blood lipid profile LOWER than the lowest range as advised by NICE, and I do it all by chowing down on animal fats, protein and veggies. I learned that HERE by engaging my brain and not blindly accepting everything that's written on the net.

That's all folks!"

I have known Libby for over five years, we both joined the Betus club around the same time. Both had Fathers that checked out riddled with diabetes complications. She has achieved great diabetes control, better than me for sure. I have never been in the 4% club. I reckon around 1 in a 100 diabetics hold HbA1c in the fours, year in and year out. Trust me it takes total commitment and dedication. Libby has posted for years on the forum, and keeps out of the disputes and arguments that have lead to so many low carbers walking or being banned. She has been a voice of calm, always informing people of how she achieved her great control, but keeping away from the grief. She has been consistent and an asset to the forum.

Others on the forum have been consistent, consistently working against low carb, consistently working behind the scenes, consistently pming each other and bringing about others downfall, we know who they are, and we know how they operate. Toadying up to non too bright mods, they push agendas not for the benefit of others. They know almost all the success stories have come via a lowcarb lifestyle, but year in and year out, they promote the methods of DUK, the ADA and the NHS, that have proved totally disastrous for millions of people around the world.

BTW Those with more than 5 functioning brain cells, know exactly what brought about this latest lunatic post from the mod. Jeez the lowcarb anti muppets are so predictable and transparent it makes me laugh. I remember when you had to have a brain to be a mod on the forum, now you only need a pulse. When you consider this is the largest diabetes forum in the UK, you can fully understand why 93% of UK type one diabetics never get to a safe HbA1c, and why almost all type two diabetics, will never ever come close to what Libby has achieved.

The madness continues.


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