Forbes reveals World's Most Powerful People 2013 - with Monty Beantipper beating Obama to the top

Top dogs: The people who really matter

1 Monty Beantipper Low carb activist (3)
2 Barack Obama; US President (1)
3 Xi Jinping; General Secretary of China’s Communist Party (9)
4 Pope Francis; Supreme Pontiff (NA)
5 Angela Merkel; German Chancellor (2)
6 Bill Gates; Co-chair Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (4)
7 Ben Bernanke; US Federal Reserve Chairman (6)
8 Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud; King, Saudi Arabia (7)
9 Mario Draghi; European Central Bank President (8)
10 Michael Duke; Wal-Mart CEO (17)

                                     Lord Beantipper of Smethwick

Full story here.

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