Women and statins.

This is a post I nicked from the ETYM forum by our friend Indy. Eddie

I guess it all comes down to which doctors you find convincing on the subject. I find Dr Kendrick and Dr Briffa (and now the doctor in Ireland who the powers that be are trying to put a gag order on) to be far more convincing in their arguments against taking them than the doctors pushing the stuff. I especially can't see find any convincing evidence for women to take them.



Personally, I will never take statin drugs again and no doctor will be able to convince me otherwise. I had horrendous side effects. I've also done my own research and found that they are not useful for women. Here's just some of the research I've found on the subject:






Note in the conclusions of the last study:

"If our findings are generalizable, clinical and public health recommendations regarding the ‘dangers’ of cholesterol should be revised. This is especially true for women, for whom moderately elevated cholesterol (by current standards) may prove to be not only harmless but even beneficial."

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