DCUK Quote of the day !

"we have many type 1's on this forum who are well controlled but don't follow a LCHF diet"

From Noblehead

Noblehead continues to live in a dream world. Hardly a day goes by without gruesome BG numbers being reported on the forum and many from long term type one diabetics, and almost all from non low carbers. The successes being reported by non lowcarbers is next to nil. This has been the case for over five years. Phoenix and Noblehead are working overtime to keep pushing their high carb high med lifestyle.

The type of diet they promote has lead to 93% of UK diabetics failing to get to good HbA1c numbers and the carnage often reported re. blindness, limb amputation and kidney failure.

See the facts on the thread  below, on the grim control being achieved. The likes of Phoenix and Noblehead are playing their part to continue the appalling statistics. The facts, the facts, anything but the facts from those two.


Fantasy link here. 

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