The Catalyst program was the highest viewed TV show that day.

More on the Catalyst program. Came in as a comment from Lisa, worth starting a new thread I reckon. Eddie

All I can say is this professor sounds desperate and terrified that the public will know the truth about statins. There are PLENTY of doctors and scientists whose websites I follow, and whose books I have read ,who have all the evidence I need to know that heart disease is cause by a high carbohydrate diet in conjunction with industrial fats. It baffles me that someone who is supposed to be highly educated in medicine, has no idea about human physiology and nutrition. But then, it also baffles me that diabetics are told to eat large amounts of carbohydrate all day long by diabetes experts. 310 grams per day is apparently the correct amount for diabetics to eat. You've got to be kidding me.

I suspect that many at, the Australian Heart Foundation, Dieticians Association and Diabetes Australia do actually know the truth, but of course could never confess. Imagine the public backlash, not to mention litigation.

After the first part of this TV show aired in Australia last Thursday, the outpouring of anger on the Heart Foundation's Facebook page was phenomenal. But, it was encouraging to know that so many Australians are educating themselves about TRUE nutrition. It is such a laugh that the Heart Foundation puts its "tick" on a box of Milo cereal (the tick indicates to consumers that the food item is good for your heart health) This cereal contains around 75 grams of carbohydrate per 100 grams! But, as it is low in fat, they trick you into believing it is healthy. With outright lies such as this, is it any wonder that chronic disease is out of control here?

The Catalyst program was the highest viewed TV show that day.

Here is the message on their Facebook page after one of their representatives attempted to defend their stance on the Catalyst show..

A message from Lyn Roberts, Heart Foundation’s National CEO: “There has been some debate on our page this week on saturated fat and cholesterol and I wanted to reiterate that our recommendation remains quite simple: everything in moderation, except smoking.

I can assure you we take our role as Australia’s leading voice for heart health with great responsibility and are committed to providing information based on the best available evidence from across the world. We stand by the comprehensive evidence base on which we base our information for the public. Our guidelines are developed by the country’s best academics, researchers, health professionals and other experts external to our organisation to ensure transparency. The process ensures a robust position paper that reflects the conclusions of the strongest evidence available at the time. 

The Heart Foundation values the ongoing support of the community. We are committed to continuing to assist people with heart health information."

Looking forward to this Thursday's episode!


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