Lowcarb Good News Never Stops !

 From a DCUK member today.

"Success nourishes Hope.

I just found out my HbA1c test results back today and it was 42, down from 62 back in July 2013. Since initial diagnosis in July I have;  Reduced my HbA1c from 62 down to 42. Gone from 186lbs down to 158.8 (as of this morning). lost 2 inches off my waist. It has been hard work and I have to wait for my review until 28th November but I am well pleased with this. The success so far has given me hope that I can reduce my weight even further until I am at my healthy weight, reduce my HbA1c to hopefully below 41 and to buy some new clothes for Christmas."

And when asked how he achieved this great success.

"I was not overly strict with low carbs but tried to keep it below 50-60g I cut out bread and potato, pasta and sugar. The biggest help to me was testing before and after every meal in the beginning. It was extremely helpful to see what my body could safely tolerate."

This is what many dietitians and healthcare professionals call anecdotal. Take a tip from me, try anecdotal and see how successful you can be. Trust your weighing scales, your BG meter and tape measure, trust your blood tests. You know it makes sense, why fight it !

Link to the good news here.


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