Quote of the day about DCUK from Patti Devans.

"They're all barking over there. Stopped going years ago, but this thread led me there out of curiosity. I think the "normal" moderation style is to be as heavy handed as possible (they must train for it!)"

Made at the ETYM forum, whose board members have all, but two, walked, and are about as batshit as the DCUK forum mods. I had to chuckle yesterday when an ETYM member posted a direct link to our website. Swiftly followed up by Cugila caricature and arch statin pusher Grazer.

"Yes, that site's run by Eddie, who used to be a member here"

Don't you just love the crazy world of diabetes. Check out a great forum run by Patti here. I have so much respect for this forum, I never post on it. Never let it be said I am not a fair minded guy.


Government Health Warning regarding the DCUK forum !

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