DCUK The mis-information goes on !

From Phoenix today.

"Scheiner discusses this when talking about the pizza effect."

"The final insult brought on by high-fat foods like pizza is the prolonged, gradual blood sugar rise that occurs many hours after eating. And guess what...it's not carbs that are causing the rise. It's the fat. But not directly. Here's how.

High fat meals and snacks cause an increase in serum triglycerides for many hours. When the liver is confronted by large amounts of triglycerides, it becomes resistant to insulin. And that results in greater secretion of glucose by the liver. Without a concurrent increase in insulin, blood sugar levels are going to go up, up, up."

Any newbie reading that would feel it was OK to eat the carbs and that eating fat would cause a rise in BG. Which is totally wrong ! Fat has very little if any effect on raising blood glucose, carbs raise BG not fat ! As the experienced know, its high fat meals together with HIGH CARBS that is the worst possible combination.

Do you want to avoid the pizza effect ? Don't eat the pizza. Eat the foods that usually form the topping, and dump the high carb base.

Now you know why I call Phoenix the slippery one, she never gives up, but she is subtle, at times. 

BTW we know exactly what the 'pizza effect' is. Us lowcarbers don't have that problem, because we keep carb levels very low. It's amazing how many problems lowcarb diabetics do not have to deal with. As Jimmy Greaves used to say "football it's a funny old game"


Link to the slippery one here. 

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