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Sent in on this thread here "Expert sees the lowcarb light !"

"I don't think you guys get it or give Roy Taylor enough credit.

Roy is not just saying low carb but is putting out a completely new paradigm about diabetes that if proved to be right could be a game changer.

You wrote "He has discovered lowcarbing can reverse type two diabetes. If diabetes was not such a serious subject I would be falling about laughing, how much money and time was wasted on this trial ?"

Just as "NHS" has a need to read things from their own paradigm you also have a need to read things from your "Low Carb" paradigm. I guess this is just a pretty human thing to do.

Roy is giving a new theory on the cause of diabetes. In the past it was believed it is caused by insulin beta cells being burnt out by over use. In which case a low carb diet would make sense. Roy is saying that it can be caused by fat in the Pancreas blocking the insulin produced from getting out. This would mean one might be able to heal from the disease easily. These are very, very different theories.

You wrote - "but you do have to be extreme in the cut back of carbs for life, not for a couple of months"

If Roy is right, maybe not. There may be other solutions as well, such as a few short fast (which I understand have many other health benefits and has be done for centuries for health reasons) every once in a while to burn out the fat in the liver and Pancreas. Now one my be able to tolerate many more carbs in a healthy manner.

You also wrote - Don't tell Roy about Dr. Richard Bernstein. Bernstein worked this out about thirty years ago.

I don't believe you are right. From what I have read Dr. Richard held to the burn out of beta cells theory.

If Roy is right, it may benefit you for your readers sake to give up your "Low Carb" paradigm and move to a better "Roy Taylor" paradigm where "Low Carb" would be only one of the possible ways of addressing the problem.

Of course old paradigm are very hard for us humans to give up."

My take on this.

For over five years I have studied type two diabetes, I have read thousands of papers, posts by diabetics and contacted healthcare professionals, one thing is very clear to me. There are no short cuts or quick fixes when it comes to controlling elevated blood glucose numbers, none whatsoever. The Newcastle diet is a low calorie diet of 600 calories for eight weeks. 11 people tried the diet and evidently 3 months later 7 remained free of diabetes.

I have not managed to find out the exact meaning of “free of diabetes” For me free of diabetes means I could go back to my old eating patterns, and consume at least 50% or more of my calories in starch, sugar and carbs. I believe anyone who could achieve that was never a diabetic in the first place. After lowcarbing for over five years and holding a level of BG control on 2 Metformin a day, few diabetics ever get close to, why would I want to starve myself for eight weeks, to err.. achieve good BG control.

I like the food I now eat and so does my non diabetic wife, we encourage everyone we know to eat the same. Even if the Newcastle diet proves effective in the control of BG numbers for diabetics, what about all the other health risks that come with a diet based on sugar and starch ? Let us not forget many obese people never become two diabetics, yet they are at extra risk of heart disease, cancer and many other healthcare problems.

Could it be the £2 million that DUK are throwing at this new trial is turning heads ? What if it proves to be a sure fire winner. Roy Taylor will win the Nobel prize and everyone can go back to eating junk. Everyone that stays or becomes obese will get a gastric bypass. Is this progress ? Lowcarbing is safe and it works and is simple. Why is the human race hell bent on complicating something that is so simple STOP EATING THE FOODS THAT MAKE YOU ILL.

One last point, the chances of an eight week low calorie diet, curing type two diabetes, and enabling the average type two diabetic to go back to a high carb diet is beyond laughable. If I am wrong, I’ll blow my brains out and have the video posted on Utube.


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