Everyday is good news day for lowcarb at DCUK.

"Yay! One more rock n rollin' result for low carb lifestyle.

When I was diagnosed in March last year last year HbA1c was 167 (17.4%). I already had a "healthy" diet but it certainly wasn't low carb.

After lots of research and a ton of good advice in here I started low carbing. Generally below 130 and very often below 50. Any lower than 50 for more than a few days and I was very lethargic. Didn't pass either so reckon 50 is my lower limit.
July 2012 105 (11.8%)
December 2012 59.0 (7.5%)
July 2013 43.0 (6.1%)
Today it's 40 (5.8%)

I had a heart attack in July and have been battling back to fitness so had my doubts how good the numbers would be today and must say I'm bloody delighted! As is my DN. One of her students is using my case as part of her dissertation" 

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