Cameroon’s Goons Never Stop Lying !

Last week I caught some of David Cameron’s propaganda spiel at the Conservative party conference. It was the biggest load of bollocks I have heard in a long time. Check out, this out and out lying from the Government. It appears in the Pulse magazine and it shows no lie is too big to tell. 

Soon the NHS as we know it will be gone. One day the great unwashed will start waking from their TV and lager induced coma’s and wonder why they have to wait a week to see their GP and stump up £50 for the privilege. By then it will be too late. Yet another great institution will have been flogged off to the idle rich and hedge fund spivs. 


Exclusive An extended GP hours scheme in Manchester praised as ‘successful’ by the Government and cited as a model for its £50m scheme to pilot practices opening in the evenings and weekends has yet to start seeing patients, Pulse has learnt.

The scheme was praised by health secretary Jeremy Hunt as ‘leading the way’ and was described in the Department of Health’s press release as being ‘successfully piloted’ when it announced last week the plans for GP practices in nine areas to open seven days a week. The claim was repeated widely in the national media, with the BBC among those to state that ‘Manchester is already piloting an extended-hours scheme’.

But local GPs have told Pulse that they were ‘mystified’ by the announcement and the claims that the pilot scheme had been ‘successful’ as it is still at a preparatory stage and is not due to begin until Christmas.
After queries from Pulse, the DH admitted it had made a ‘mistake’ in its press release, which it said would be amended online.

The original press release said: ‘The extended hours approach is already being successfully piloted in six GP practices in Manchester, where groups of GPs are coming together to offer evening and weekend GP access as part of a six-month trial to crack down on needless A&E visits.’

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt also said at the time: ‘Cutting-edge GP practices here in Manchester are leading the way, and we want many more patients across the country to benefit.’

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