Dr. Chris Steele another moronic medical professional ?

OK, I did not see the TV program today featuring Dr. Chris Steele. I do not watch daytime TV other than the early morning news. Until today I had never heard of Dr. Steele. Evidently he is a cross between a medic and a chat show celeb, who is wheeled out to give the great un-washed the benefit of his vast knowledge. Today he was talking about diabetes, a subject he clearly knows very little about, according to a thread running at diabetes.co.uk.

The members at the forum have said, and I have no reason to doubt these people, stated “For a Doctor to make claims which he did on live TV, claiming that all Diabetics are diabetic due to their unhealthy lifestyles and being overweight and lazy, and then only when nudged by Philip Scofield to differentiate between the Types of Diabetes is disgraceful!” ( Eddie comment: Jeez, never confuse those fat bastard type two diabetics with type one's) Perhaps someone should ask the Doctor why the majority of over weight people lazy or not, do not become type two diabetics. I would like to ask him a lot of questions.

The presenter Philip Scofield who apparently pulled the Doctor up, on more than one occasion, and does know  about diabetes (his Mother and Brother are type one diabetics) was not impressed. Maybe the Doc should go back to school, or start reading up on type two diabetes. The last thing type two diabetics need, is a numbskull medic adding fuel to the sort of garbage we see so often in the red top gutter media.


Link to the diabetes.co.uk thread here.

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