Dr Paul Jones - University of Carmarthen comments about Barry Groves again.

Some may remember we had some comments posted by a person who says he is Dr Paul Jones - University of Carmarthen. These came in around the time Barry died and some of his posts can be read on this thread here. I have stated before I do not know if this Paul Jones is the genuine article or a spoofer, one thing is clear, the poster is an idiot, but hey, I love taking on idiots. Taking on idiots and their lawyers has become a sport for me, although somewhat time consuming, it is never less than interesting. Anyway, back to Paul Jones or the spoofer and a comment that came in around two am this morning.

“Barry Groves died of the very thing he claimed his diet prevented, a heart attack. So I Dr Paul Jones comment questioning Groves diet is valid.”

It is a fact Barry died of an inherited heart defect, as did his Brother and Father. Clearly Jones is saying Barry’s lowcarb high fat diet did not prevent Barry from having a heart attack. As we have seen in the past, if a high profile lowcarb advocate dies, at whatever age, the antis get excited and point the finger at the diet. This leads me to wonder, what would be an appropriate way to die, for a lowcarber that would not lead to the antis making negative comments. Would it have been better if Barry had been struck by a bolt of lightening while reaching the top of mount Everest, maybe being wiped out by a Tsunami wave while surfing at Bondi beach, maybe fired from a giant cannon as a human cannonball would have been a better way to go.

The truth of the matter is, Barry and no other lowcarber to my knowledge, has stated a lowcarb high fat diet, will make it impossible to get a heart attack or any other illness or disease. Lowcarb does not make a person immortal, it will not turn you into superman, it will not give you the intellect of Albert Einstein. However, it is a proven and safe method of losing weight, it is a proven and safe method of controlling blood glucose, with nil or minimal medication. It has proved to be beneficial in many ways, for many health related conditions. It works and keeps on working.

Barry Groves helped countless people to a happier healthier way of life. He was highly respected by people from all walks of life, from laymen to medical professionals. He was a world class sportsman until a late age, and was mentally and physically active until the end, at the age of seventy seven. Oh that we could all achieve what Barry achieved, and at 63 years of age, I would grab the offer of living to and dying of a heart attack at 77, with both hands.


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