DCUK What drugs are the Mods on ?

They say if a man lives long enough, he gets to see it all, how right that is. Around five years ago, the DCUK forum had some great and knowledgeable mods. I’m thinking of people like Fergus, Doctor Katharine, Dennis and Timo. Then the rot set in with people like Jopar, SarahQ, Tubolard and other numbskulls. Of course the forum scraped the depths, when the gruesome Cugila was at the helm. They have all gone, and for some time we have had a set of middle of the road, don’t rock the boat, dullards running the show. Today I fell of my chair when a mod posted this dross.

“To all members

When giving out ANY information regarding diabetes, whether it's medication, foods or from your own personal experience. please ensure that you check and check again that the information you have posted is correct. As giving out misleading information or quotes (unintentionally) could put another diabetic in real danger. If in doubt, don't post.

Thank you”

This was followed up by another mod (who doesn’t know good diabetes control from a box of whelks) who edited the post to tell us, the dross had been made a ‘sticky’ Jeez the blind leading the blind for sure.

The reason, for years the mods have posted a cut and paste job to hundreds, maybe thousands of new members re safe BG numbers i.e this lunacy, compiled by the disgraced idiot mod Cugila and his sidekick.

"To be able to see what effect a particular type of food or meal has on your blood sugar is to do a test before the meal and then test after the meal. A test 2 hours after the meal gives a good idea of how your body has reacted to the meal.

The blood sugar ranges recommended by NICE are as follows:

Blood glucose ranges for type 2 diabetes
Before meals: 4 to 7 mmol/l
2 hours after meals: under 8.5 mmol/l
Blood glucose ranges for type 1 diabetes (adults)
Before meals: 4 to 7 mmol/l
2 hours after meals: under 9 mmol/l
Blood glucose ranges for type 1 diabetes (children)
Before meals: 4 to 8 mmol/l
2 hours after meals: under 10 mmol/l
However, those that are able to, may wish to keep blood sugar levels below the NICE after meal targets."

What well controlled diabetic ever sees these sort of numbers on their BG meter ? Type two’s, two hours after a meal under 8.5. Type ones, two hours after a meal 9. Remember  BG could have peaked well above ten at the one hour mark ! These are numbers that lead to diabetic complications. And have been pushed for years at the fun forum.

How the OP Mod, has the brass necked effrontery, to warn members about post accuracy beggars belief. When is the forum going to get mods that have a clue about even the basics of safe long term diabetes control ?


Link to the lunacy here.

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