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I joined this forum a long time ago, but never posted. I figured what have these people ever done to me, and left them in peace. As the UK’s most banned from forums man, I also felt, do I want to be a member of a forum, that would have me as a member. Maybe I’ll start posting over there if they ever run out of human beings.

So, why am I talking about this forum today ? Well a couple of people sent me links to the aforementioned, showing we had been mentioned in dispatches. Forum members had linked to our website and blogs. Now, here is the amazing part, the members were not ostracised or banned on the spot for linking to Beelzebub sites. On some UK diabetes sites, even the mere mention of us can lead to mayhem. Post deletion, post editing and thread locking is the order of the day. Before you can say lowcarb diet, the barmy army are out in force, foaming at the mouth and barking like rabid dogs.

So folks, if you are looking for a good forum in the UK, run by people who know what they are doing, and moderated by intelligent fair minded people, look no further than here. Do not confuse this forum with the artistes formally known as ETYM, who tried to up their membership by carpet bagging the name of the original and probably the best diabetes forum in the UK.


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