Exercise ‘just as good as drugs’ for treating heart failure and strokes !

A ‘blind spot’ exists about the true benefits of being more active, claims a new study !


Researchers from three leading institutions say that exercise is a “viable alternative” to drug therapy in preventing deaths from coronary heart disease, heart failure, diabetes and stroke. The study raises the question of whether doctors might be unnecessarily prescribing drugs when a simple instruction to be more active might be more appropriate. The rates of drug prescription in the UK have risen dramatically over the past decade.
The study, published in the British Medical Journal, looked at the results of 305 randomised trials involving 340,000 people and compared the effectiveness of exercise versus drug treatments in reducing mortality in patients with the four conditions. They found no “statistically significant” difference between exercise and drug interventions and discovered that for stroke, exercise was actually more effective than drug treatment. However, for heart failure, diuretic drugs were more effective than exercise.

The team, which included researchers from the London School of Economics, Harvard Medical School and Stanford University, said that the evidence-base for the benefits of exercise in reducing mortality from the conditions was small and more trials were urgently needed.

From the Independent today full story here.

The above information does not surprise me at all. The situation is far more interesting when you look at type two drugs against a low carb diet. Not only is a low carb diet as effective, it is infinitely more effective. The best type two drugs can reduce HbA1c by 2%. A lowcarb diet can reduce HbA1c by 5% and more. I know this because I have done this. At diagnosis my HbA1c was close to 12. Metformin is reckoned to reduce HbA1c at max 1.5 %. It was lowcarbing and exercise that took me into the fives. I can tell you folks, just looking at a tread mill makes me go weak at the knees, I am no athlete for sure, but I have been known to walk a few miles some days.

If you are a type two diabetic who believes drugs are the answer, you are already on too many drugs.


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