THRIVE With Type 1 Global Virtual Conference Includes Dr. Richard K. Bernstein.

THRIVE With Type 1 is the first-ever Global Virtual Conference especially 
designed for those affected by Type 1 Diabetes. It will be broadcast over the
web for free October 9th - 11th, 2013.

It will feature 12 Diabetes Expert interviews, specifically designed to share
expertise and inspiration for anyone touched by Type 1. This conference was
created by Dr. Jody Stanislaw, a diabetic herself for 33 years. Just go to to learn more and sign-up.

Here is the extraordinary line-up of speakers: (all but three have Type 1)

*Tuesday, October 8th at 6:30pm PST is the Opening Ceremony with Dr. Jody

*Day 1 - Wednesday, October 9th, 2013:
9am PST - Jmiah Williamson - Former Top Fitness Model with Type 1
12pm PST - Alex Bowden - Professional Cyclist with Type 1
3pm PST - Melissa Cardamone - From Diabetes Rebellion to Becoming a Healthy Mom
5pm PST- Bill Pereira - Diabetes Service Dog Trainer
*Day 2 - Thursday, October 10th, 2013:
9am PST - Dr. Richard Bernstein - Author of #1 Best-selling Diabetes Book on
12pm PST - Sebastien Sasseville - Endurance Athlete with Type 1
3pm PST- Svati Narula - 5 days with The Bionic Pancreas
5pm PST - Amy Walters, PhD - Navigating The Emotional Tides of Diabetes
*Day 3 - Friday, October 11th, 2013:
9am PST - Dr. Michael Murray - Expert in Natural Medicine Treatments for Type
12pm PST - Iron Andy Holder - 9-Time Ironman Triathlete with Type 1
3pm PST- Jo Treitman - Program Director for the College Diabetes Network
5pm PST- Chris Leach - Bionic Pancreas, Inhaled Insulin, Beta-cell Regeneration

There has never before been an event like this. You are sure to be inspired by
the education and wisdom you will learn from these diabetes experts. Just click
here to get access to this extraordinary free online event.

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